Uber and Lyft refuse to register in Ashland


The City of Ashland is going back to the drawing board to lure ride sharing services Uber and Lyft, however some are not in favor.

The ordinance was passed in October, allowing these ride sharing applications to operate, but none have registered since then.

Both companies said they want consistency in the regulations between Medford and Ashland. They said they are not pleased by the registration, vehicle safety inspections or the required wheelchair accessibility.

City councilor Rich Rosenthal said some councilors are not budging on the matter

"People are wanting this type of service and its convenience," Rosenthal said. "I get that, but you know you have to be thoughtful when it comes to how you roll out the rules and regulations for something that is a pretty new phenomenon in the world of transportation."

During Tuesday night's city council meeting, administration vowed to bring the matter back for discussion next month.

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