Uber Eats heads to Medford

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Soon there won't be a need to leave the house to get some of your favorite foods around Medford, or even pick up the phone for takeout.

That's because Uber Eats is on its way and restaurants like Bobbio’s Pizza is one of the places that will be just a tap away from your door step.

Bobbio’s owner Rick Deates says he's looking forward to making this new way of ordering easier for everyone.

"We hope to reach a whole different demographic of people. The millennials, the ones that do everything on their smart phone. They'll be able to just go to the Uber Eats app order right off our regular menu," said Deates.

The order then shows up in the restaurant tablet and then a driver is alerted as soon as it's ready.

Bobbio’s says the launch date with Uber Eats is set for next Saturday, June 16th.

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