The countdown begins: Uber signs people up as drivers

Uber gets people signed up as drivers

Uber plans on launching in Medord next month, and drivers are already starting to put the Uber decal on their windows.

"Seems like a fun thing to do, meet people drive around," says Jason Henke.

Jason was one of may people at the Mellelo Coffee Roasters, signing up to be an Uber driver.

"As a single parent, it seems easier, working at night and the weekends when I'm not working my regular job," says Jason

It's going to bring in a little extra cash to help pay for bills, or for Christmas presents for his two daughters.

"I do everything I can for them," says Jason.

Manus Burns with Uber is doing everything he can to get drivers like Jason set up.

"We've been getting really good support from partners eager to sign up," says Burns.

If people were not able to come to the in person signing, there are other ways to become a driver.

"Partners can also sign up through the Uber app and upload all the required documents so they can get out on the road," says Burns.

Burns says you can also sign up online.

Potential riders will have to go through a background check that they can do on their own, and have their license, insurance and car registration ready to be verified, but after that you're ready to go.

"Anytime we can expand services both to support our partners and new riders for the city is always an exciting time for us," says Burns.

There will be another sign up opportunity November 30th, at Mellelo Coffee Roasters.

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