Uncertainty for immigrant children


As the federal government crack down on immigration, some rights of the immigrants remain unclear.

Alan Duran, an immigration attorney based out of Medford says the Trump administration's lack of transparency in this process has left confusion for lawyers and immigrants alike.

The laws haven't changed, but the administration has chosen to interpret them differently, allowing for these separations to occur.

For the more than 2,000 children who have been separated from their families while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, access to information about their future status in this country has been sparse.

"President Trump and his administration...we have different types of information. One day they'll say one thing, one day they'll say another,” Duran says. “And the one thing they haven't been clear on is what will happen to these kids. "

If a family is seeking asylum in the U.S. They are legally entitled to be heard.

But Duran says that it's unclear whether that's actually happening or if they're simply being charged and separated.

For the children -- what's next is also unclear.

"At the numbers we're seeing I can't imagine the government is prepared to take on this many and to put them in appropriate shelters," Duran says.

National and international groups have criticized the administration's actions...Calling it a human rights violation.

The administration has responded by saying that they're sending a necessary message.

The federal government has not yet announced a plan for these minors moving forward, but there is pressure in Washington and on the border to find a solution.

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