Upgrades to schools in the Medford School District

Changes coming to schools in the Medford School District (Marissa Olid/News 10).

With the recent earthquakes along the West Coast in Southern California, a new project from the Medford School District is focusing on making Hoover Elementary school earthquake resilient.

The total cost of the project is $2 million. Part of the project is partially funded by grant money, and the remaining money is a contribution from the Medford School District. The school district has contributed with $500,000.

The goal is to provide seismic upgrades to Hoover Elementary school. The entire site is being brought up to life safety standards allowing students and staff to get out safely in case of an emergency.

"The unforgiving moment is not the time to try and prepare, so we are trying to get at this now so that we are as prepared as possible so that when execution comes we can focus on response and recovery with the right resources," said Ron Havinear, with the Medford School District.

Four schools with the Medford School District are receiving upgrades, each school focusing on different aspects.

  • Ruch Outdoor Community School- new track
  • Griffin Creek Elementary- new parking lot
  • Hedrick Middle School- new boiler
  • Hoover- seismic upgrades

The school district's seismic assessment started with facilities with the highest risks. Hoover, had the most potential for improvements.

The project started while students were on spring break and is expected to be complete when students return for the upcoming school year.

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