Valhalla Organics competes for $10,000 grant to save bee population

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

A Talent beekeeper is doing her part to save the declining bee population and is asking the community to join her cause. Ruby Reid, founder of Valhalla Organics is competing for a $10,000 grant to support her honey bees.

“Bees provide pollination that provide all of our food and so I think everyone on this planet has a vested interest in being able to continue to eat, and to be able to continue to eat the variety of foods that we are now used to," Reid said.

Reid said she would use the grants to add more bees, build more beehives and purchase a four-wheel drive vehicle to safely transport the bees to their Klamath Falls farm.

“Right now, I have a small, little compact car so when a big, bulky beehive has to travel with me... it’s actually traveling with me in the back seat of the car," Reid said. "It would be a huge game changer to be able to have a four-wheel drive vehicle to safely make the drive up this rough road with bees in a separate compartment, not riding in a car with me."

Reid said it is important to stay proactive in protecting the species.

"To me, the real call to action around pollinators has to do with our food systems and their role in the natural environment," Reid said. "We can't continue to survive as human beings if they continue to plummet in the way that they are."

In competition with other farms, voting for the grant begins on Tuesday, Jan. 1. Reid said they already have over 100 supporters signed up to vote, but they will need many more votes to win the grand prize. The link to vote can be found on their website.

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