Santa Clara Vanguard band camp in Ashland canceled this year

The Santa Clara Vanguard practices in Raider Stadium in 2018. Last year, SCV won the Drum Corps International Championship title for the seventh time. (Courtesy: Southern Oregon University)

The Vanguard Music and Performing Arts Band Camp, which visits Ashland annually, has been canceled for the summer of 2019, according to Joe Mosley, the Director of Community and Media Relations for Southern Oregon University.

According to Mosley, the decision to cancel the band camp came "from a mutual understanding" between SOU, Santa Clara Vanguard, and the City of Ashland, after a "vocal minority of neighbors" took issue with the noise levels the camp's activities created during late spring from May 19 through June 8.

"It was difficult to navigate because of the city's noise ordinance," Mosley said. "What we're looking for is clarity from the city for what is allowed and what isn't."

Last summer, a handful of neighboring residents became vocal about the noise levels the camp created, and took issue with how late into the night music was played. Santa Clara Vanguard's current schedule indicates only daytime practices are planned. However, Mosley clarified that last summer, practices were scheduled to go until 9 p.m. and on occasion continued after that.

He says there was a mixed reaction from the community, with some enjoying the performances that the camp brought to town, while others were disturbed by the noise.

SOU will lose an uncertain amount of revenue from this cancellation; Mosley called it "a large amount."

In 2018, SCV won the Drum Corps International World Class Championship.

Plans for the camp to return next summer are still undecided at this time, but Mosley says there is an open dialogue between SOU and Santa Clara Vanguard about that possibility. As of now, it is in the hands of the City of Ashland, its residents, and SOU officials to negotiate and revisit the town's noise ordinance.

Last year was the first year the Santa Clara Vanguard trained in Ashland. According to Southern Oregon University, the band had made it to the Drum Corps International World Class Championships since competition began in 1972. They have won the title seven times.

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