Veterans welcomed at Medford's airport after trip to D.C.

Veterans return to MFR from an honorary trip. (Sammy Shaktah/ News 10)

Veterans were honored as they arrived at the Medford airport after an honorary flight to visit memorials in Washington D.C.

The trip was conducted by the Honor Flight of Oregon, a non-profit organization. Their goal is to get every southern Oregon veteran, who is willing and able, to get on a plane and visit their memorials.

Many people occupied the airport as they waited to show their respect for those who fought for the country.

Veterans were saluted as they entered before the crowd in the arrivals area of the airport's main lobby.

People of all ages, as well as veterans who were not on the flight, were also there to show respect.

Amongst the many people were Cathy Powers, a Gold Star Mother.

Cathy runs to honor her son, Senior Airman Bryce Powers who served in the air force.

"Now it's about our veterans. The ones from the past, the ones still here present with us, and the veterans who will serve in the future. That’s why I’m running, I’m running because I love our veterans and it feels good, I have a reason to get up every day,"

Powers said.

She runs to raise money for wreaths that would be placed for those laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Her goal is to raise enough money to make 7,777 wreaths, one for each day her son Bryce was alive.

This arrival celebration allowed many people like Cathy to honor our veterans who were present at the event, and present in spirit as well.

Hugs, handshakes, and smiles were a constant result of the gathering at the airport.

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