Victim caught in rapids rescued at Hays Falls

(Courtesy Jackson County Fire District 3)

A Swiftwater Rescue Team was able to pull off a successful rescue at Hays Falls Sunday after bystanders spotted a fully clothed man in a nearby rapid.

Fire District 3's Rescue Team responded to the area off of Upper River Road in Gold Hill yesterday at approximately 2:30 p.m. With assistance from the Rogue River Fire District, rescue personnel deployed a raft into the water. The RRFD crew then swam in the rapid, and with the help of a nearby kayaker, they were able to get the victim out of the water and onto a raft with a helmet.

The rescue team's assessment found that the victim had been in the water for approximately a half hour to 40 minutes, and was seriously injured as a result. The victim was then taken via helicopter to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Fire District 3 expressed their gratitude to the bystanders who were instrumental in the rescue by first spotting the victim. "Without their help in this effort, it is unknown how long the victim could have withstood the cold temperatures in the river," said FD3 in a public statement.

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