Victims identified in plane crash

Pictured is a helicopter lifting the wreckage of the plane out of the area where it had crashed on April 18th. (Courtesy Curry County Sheriff's Office)

Two people died in a plane crash on Thursday, April 18th, near the Brookings Airport and Henderson Road. The plane involved was a Vans RV8, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

On Monday, the Curry County Sheriff John Ward released the identities of the two men involved in the crash. They are James Penticoff, 71, of Crescent City, California and Charles Kresa, 62, of Smith River, California. Penticoff has been identified as the pilot of the plane, and Kresa as his passenger.

Earlier today, a helicopter was used to lift the wreckage of the plane out of the area where it had crashed. The Vans RV8 plane was loaded onto a trailer, and according to the Curry County Sheriff's Office, will be taken and examined by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, according to the NTSB. It may take anywhere from nine months to a year to determine the cause.

The NTSB and FAA are still in charge of the investigation.

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