Victory for residents who are opposed to the proposed gas station

Victory for residents as motion is denied five to zero. (Marissa Olid/News 10).

A proposed gas station on the corner of East McAndrews Rd. and Springbrook Rd. in Medford has brought a lot of concern to nearby residents.

The proposed gas station would be built in a predominately residential area leaving residents with an uneasy feeling. A hearing took place today, May 17th at City Hall for residents, the site project developer and the Site and Plan Architectural Commission to gather and share their thoughts.

Many residents made it clear they were not fond of the idea of a new gas station and convenience store being built near their homes.

"We do not want a gas station built in our front or backyards," said Janis Jackson, a Medford resident.

Currently, the land is empty but home to a Red-Tailed Hawk that is federally protected. This hawk's well being has also brought concern for surrounding residents.

Due to the proposed gas station being built in a residential area, residents were concerned about increased crime, traffic, air, noise and light pollution.

Residents mentioned they've done all they could to get to where they are now.

"I've been working up and down the streets, through the phone lines, through emails etc. etc. pushing us along and helping along and assisting along probably since the first of April," said Medford resident Gary Sumark.

The project applicant was dealt a setback today as the commission voted 5-0 on a motion to deny the project. Two commissioners did not vote today because they had a conflict of interest with the companies involved.

The commission is scheduled to adopt the final order on June 7th and their next city meeting. At that time, the developers will have the option to appeal. But for now, it's a victory for residents.

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