Violated; Local business recovering after weekend theft

Surveillance video captures burglary at Dewclaw Archery early Saturday morning (5/18/19).

Over the weekend, a Medford business fell victim to masked thieves taking thousands of dollars worth of archery equipment.

"It's comfortably over 10,000 dollars worth of bows that were stolen," Dewclaw Archery Owner Matt Blaschka said. "One of the bows was a bow I had competed with for several years."

Before 5 a.m. Saturday, surveillance video shows a sedan pulling in front of the West Main Street business and a person exiting the passenger side with a heavy object. The masked person tossed the object into the front glass door and shattered the bottom half. In total, two masked people were seen entering the business by force, ultimately taking seven bows and the cash drawer.

Blaschka says the business alarm went off and Medford Police responded within minutes but the thieves had already left.

"I'm cleaning up this glass and vacuuming it like three or four times and while I'm doing it, the video was playing in my head," Blaschka said. "I realized I was standing right where this person decided they had the right to step in to something that I had worked so hard for and work hard for every single day to provide for my family and decides they could walk in and stand where I was standing and take the things that made my life possible."

Dewclaw has been in business since 1978 and Blaschka took over in 2008. He wants to the thank the community for overwhelming support since the incident.

If you have any information on the incident, contact Medford Police and reference case # 19-9133.

"There's the feeling of violation there; that was something to deal with."

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