Vote, Vote, Vote! Turn in your ballot before the deadline Tuesday!

(Image via Oregon Elections Division)

With just over 24 hours left in the primary election make sure to cast your ballot as soon as you can.

The deadline is Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

Make sure to sign the envelope you drop your ballot off in, otherwise your vote may not count.

On the ballot: Nominees for Oregon Governor

Voters registered for Oregon's Democratic, Republican or Independent parties will see candidates for the party's nomination for governor on their ballots.

Jackson County:

Local Measures: Measure 15-175 Medford School District 549C Bonds

The Medford School District is looking to boost their career and technical education programs through a proposed bond measure worth $25 million.

Jackson County Commissioner, Position 1 candidates:

Rick Dyer

Amy Thuren

Jackson County Commissioner, Position 3 candidates:

Colleen Roberts

Lanita C. Witt

Josephine County:

Local Measures: Measure 17-84 Grants Pass School District #7

Authorizes Grants Pass School District to issue $138,700,000 in bonds to enhance and renovate school facilities.

Josephine County Commissioner, Position 1 candidates:

Ken Hannum

Mayana Kingery

Ron Smith

Donald F. Myrick, Jr.

Pete Gendron

Tripp Androy

Darin Fowler

James Rafferty

Legal Council

Wally Hicks


Dave R. Daniel

Jonathan L. Knapp

County Clerk and Recorder

Rhiannon Henkels

Sandi Cassanelli

Klamath County

Klamath County County Commissioner, Position 2 candidate:

Kelley Minty Morris

District Attorney

Eve A Costello

Curry County

Curry County Commissioner, Position 1

Christopher Paasch

Andre Bay

Jan Barbas

Jeri Lynn Thompson

Lake County

Lake County Commissioner, Position 2

Charles L Brown

James Williams

Bruce Webbon

Michael Kurt Stettler

Lake County Commissioner, Position 3

Mark Albertson

Ken Kestner

Lake County Surveyor

Darryl Anderson

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