Voter registration fraud investigation underway in Siskiyou County

Voters are turning in their ballots, in Yreka, California, Friday, June 3rd, 2016. (KTVL/Ariana Rakhshani).

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif.-- Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office and California's Secretary of State are investigating voter registration fraud.

Sheriff Jon Lopey said about 200 applications looked questionable.

Deputies and state investigators went to the addresses listed on those applications. The areas included the Klamath River Country Estates, Mount Shasta Vista and Mount Shasta Forest area.

"You're supposed to use an address, you're supposed to have a primary residence, or at least a domicile at the location, and some people used incomplete information," Sheriff Jon Lopey said.

Sheriff Lopey said some applicants used parcel numbers which is not a residence indicator.

The Klamath River Country Estates, Mount Shasta Vista and Mount Shasta Forest areas are also known for having many illegal marijuana grows. Sheriff Lopey said those areas also get many complaints.

"It is a big marijuana grow area here," Siskiyou County resident Tom Hart said. "It's not a secret. It's pretty obvious and some people are not even trying to be quiet about it."

Sheriff Lopey said while investigating, they found more than they expected.

"There were some possible illegal marijuana grow sites that were detected," Sheriff Lopey said.

The Secretary of State is reviewing the reports, and will decide whether charges should be filed.

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