Water treatment plant debacle

The Grants Pass water treatment plant sits by the Rogue River. (Riche Garza/News 10)

A decaying structure and not enough space are phrases synonymous with the water treatment plant in the City of Grants Pass.

Counselor Tyler Flaming noted that the treatment plant project has been a top priority for City Council, years before he even joined.

Public Works Director Jason Canady agreed with Counselor Flaming, adding that the proposed project won’t increase water capacity by much, but it’s a necessary upgrade.

Canady recommends going against the traditional proposal bid, claiming that alternative proposal methods used in other projects by the city save time and money by placing more responsibilities on the design and construction team, rather than on city officials to resolve issues that arise during a project.

The project has a budget of roughly $80,000,000.00 to which residents would have to pay an additional fee of $13.50 in their utility taxes for the city.

Council members noted the price of the project had steadily been increasing as the project gets pushed on year after year.

Director Canady said this is a result of the market, as well as inflation, to which he has no control over.

"We are fairly certain though that we can build a project up to $80 million, the rate is constructed to fit that model," Canady said. "If the project is significantly over that, we will have to look at adopting a supplemental rate."

Grants Pass City Council are scheduled to vote on approval or not during the May 15, 2019 meeting.

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