Weed-friendly campground in Selma is the first of its kind

The campground plans to have some of the major renovations completed in the next three to four months, in Selma, Oregon, on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 (KTVL/Ariana Rakhshani).

SELMA, Ore.-- A first of its kind, weed-friendly park is opening in Selma. What was once known as the Lake Selmac Resort is now called Smoke on the Water at Lake Selmac.

The park will provide a place for people to gather and smoke pot together without breaking any laws.

"It's legalized now and we want to get rid of the stigma and just have a place where people can go and learn more about it, and see what's going on in the industry in Oregon," Manager Brandy Millen said.

Across the state, it is illegal to smoke in public, and you're only able to do so on private property. The campground will have a community center, as well as lodging options that will allow people to smoke marijuana.

The campground plans to open around Cinco de Mayo, and already has reservations for major holidays.

Millen said this is one step closer toward normalizing marijuana.

The group behind the company plans to continue with this business adventure across the nation.

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