Weed High School Football is into the History Books

Larry Blankenship played on the same field at Weed High School back in the early 60's. He says the support from the community was incredible every Friday night. (KTVL/Aaron Nilsson)

WEED, Calif. -- The 1963 Weed High School Cougars' football team is about to be rewarded with an induction into the Northern California Sports Hall of Fame.

Medford resident, David Steele, is credited with directing the eyes of the hall of fame committee toward the Cougars of '63.

The team went three straight seasons undefeated between 1961 and '64, solidifying their place in history.

"Weed High School's had some great teams besides us. Or, some great players, let's put it that way. I don't think they've ever had a team like this because we were all friends, we all looked out for each other, so it was truly a team," quarterback for the high school 1961-1963, Larry Blankenship, said.

The induction is tomorrow night(Saturday.)

Along with the Weed football team, several other individuals will get in, including Jim Otto, Ken O'Brien and Dan Hawkins.

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