Wildfires: Wednesday Update

(Courtesy: KRCR)

Delta Fire

The Delta Fire is 98% contained as of Wednesday morning, and has burned up to 61,715 acres.

A spot fire was discovered in Bear Gulch Tuesday afternoon. It was reported to be quite active overnight, and grew to an estimated 1,000 acres. While firefighters responded quickly, some of the spot fire still remains. An Air Attack was scheduled to arrive at the fire this morning.

While dry conditions persist, wind is expected to die down today. The area remains in critical fire weather conditions. A Pacific low-pressure system is forecast to approach the coast Thursday and Friday bringing cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and even a chance on rain for the mountains near the Delta Fire.

Suppression repairs continue today as more equipment and personnel are expected to arrive.

Klondike-Taylor Creek Fire

The Klondike Fire is 72% contained and 156,895 acres. The Taylor Creek Fire remains 95% contained, and 52,839 acres large.

Dry and gusty winds on Monday contributed to fire growth by about 2,200 acres. Favorable wind direction helped hold the fire south and west of where the Burnt Ridge Road meets the Bear Camp Road.

Additional smoke column in the area were rising from the Natchez Fire in northern California.

Fire engines, water tenders and other firefighting vehicles continue to be present in the Agness area and along the Bear Camp Road. An additional area closure on BLM land on the northeast portion of the fire was formalized yesterday.

Hot and extremely dry weather with east and northeast wind is expected to last through Thursday. Hotter and dryer weather means the public can expect to see more smoke columns from well within the fire. Increased fire behavior from the Natchez fire in northern California has presented a smoke column visible from much of the Illinois Valley.

Miles Fire

Approximately seven miles northeast of Trail, Oregon the Miles Fire has burned up to 54,334 acres as of Tuesday, and is 82% contained. Full containment is projected for October 15th.

Firefighters continue to patrol and secure the perimeter, as well as work on fire suppression and repair.

The Umpqua National Forest entered into Industrial Fire Precaution Level II on September 14th which prohibits blasting, welding, cable yarding, or the use of power saws except at loading sites, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Natchez Fire

The Natchez Fire is 82% contained, and 36,060 acres, according to this morning's update.

The same road closures from Monday are still in effect. Information regarding updates on these can be found here.

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