Wilsonville's Kylee, Christina Dixon found in Las Vegas

Photo of Christina and Kylee Dixon from Wilsonville Police.

LAS VEGAS (KATU) - Just before 8 a.m. Thursday morning, Las Vegas law enforcement located Kylee and Christina Gale Dixon. Authorities took Kylee into protective custody in accordance with a judge's order, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said.

Clackamas County sheriffs worked with the FBI and passed tips to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Authorities responded to the Longhorn Casino and Hotel and found the mother and daughter. Kylee was placed into protective custody without incident.

Christina was not taken into custody, according to Las Vegas police. Officers there said there were "no probable cause charges."

"I do know that they contacted the mother, Christina," said Clackamas County Sheriff's Office public information officer Sgt. Marcus Mendoza. "Spoke with her. At this point, this is under investigation. Our investigators are looking at the totality of the circumstances, compiling the evidence from this case, and when they finish, they will forward the information to the DA's office to make a determination."

Kylee is fighting cancer, and when Christina said traditional cancer treatment wasn't working, she wanted to take a naturopathic approach and then left the area, missing a scheduled surgery for Kylee June 6, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. The mother ignored a court order that her daughter be placed in Oregon's Department of Human Services care.

Kylee posted a video on YouTube talking about the family's dilemma. Click here to see the video.

"We are thankful the child was found safe," Christy Sinatra, a representative for DHS said in a statement. "DHS takes the safety and well-being of children very seriously. DHS is obligated to comply with court orders and any actions DHS may take in regard to this child will be focused on the child’s safety and well-being."

"DHS has requirements to protect the safety and health of the children and youth in our care, as well as their personal information. While we appreciate the help of the media and public in locating this child, we are not able to share any additional information about the family beyond the details law enforcement provided."

Advocates for the family posted online that Kylee was placed on a flight back to Oregon.

It was unclear how the mother and daughter made their way from Oregon last week to Nevada, but investigators said they had a credible tip the two were in Newport on the Oregon coast at one point.

"It's really rare that, that we see this type of thing happen," said Sgt. Mendoza. "Especially with someone going across state lines and fleeing with their child and having DHS involved. It's very rare."

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