New incentive for seniors at Eagle Point High School

EPHS students mark off their parking spot to paint custom designs. (Felisha Le'Cher/News 10)

Eagle Point High School students and staff members started a new tradition Thursday.

Around 40 students and 35 staff members participated in painting their pre-approved designs in their assigned parking spots.

The event was organized by the student body president and vice president, Matilde Arias and Angela Perez, respectively, with help from their history teacher, Mr. Kriz.

Arias said she got the idea of painting parking spots after she saw a viral tweet a couple years ago from a student at another school.

"I waited until my junior year to bring up the idea because I wanted to be the first senior at Eagle Point High School to do this," Arias said. “Each student randomly chose their spots."

Arias pointed toward the first row of parking spaces.

“This one’s my spot because it’s the quickest one out the gate," Arias said.

Arias said she’s using stencils of cactus and dreamcatchers to decorate her space.

“We’re just going to have fun all day today,” said Arias.

Arias explains that it wasn’t easy organizing the event. They had to get approval from administration and go to the district office.

“There’s a lot of details that go into this that I would’ve never thought,” Arias said. “Who thinks about the paint? Water based exterior latex paint, like what?”

Both Arias and Perez said Mr. Kriz was a major contributor in getting the event approved. He showed the students how to be professional and helped them prepare for presentations.

“He helped us throughout everything,” Arias said. “Even the little details and things we didn’t think of.”

Arias says the process allowed her to get to know other staff members.

“I had to talk to the plant engineer and the groundskeeper,” she said. “I brought them donuts this morning because they helped me set up everything.”

Perez said Arias approached her with the parking space idea and gladly accepted the invitation to help orchestrate it. “I thought it was pretty cool because other schools are doing it and I thought, ‘might as well have us do it, too.’”

“I’m happy that me and Matilde were able to start a new tradition because this is pretty cool for a school and something new,” Perez said.

When the school year is over, the students will be painting over the design for the incoming senior class.

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