Woman breaks into Medford home in middle of the day

Door handle that the intruder got through to enter the Medford home. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

A Medford woman was shocked Monday morning when an intruder came into her home while she was home alone.

Mariah Baker, who lives near downtown, says a woman entered her home when she went to get a glass of water after returning from a shopping trip.

The door was already closed behind the trespasser when Baker noticed her. Baker says once she realized she had never seen the woman before she began yelling at her,

"So that's when I started freaking out at her, telling her to get out of my house," Baker said.

The trespasser began apologizing saying that there was a helicopter circling her. Baker did not take the excuse lightly,

"I'm like, I don't care get out of my house," said Baker.

After the altercation the trespasser ran down the street.

The intruder is described as a thin white woman with medium length brown hair. She appears to be in her twenties and is around 5'4.

Medford Police are currently investigating the incident.

Baker says that this case is a good reminder for residents to lock their doors.

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