Woman living with black mold settles in small claims court

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

A Jacksonville woman we first told you about in December is finally catching a break.

Up until recently, the Grangnelli family had been having to pay full rent to live in a house with black mold, electrical and plumbing problems.

Today Jamie Grangnelli is moving her belongings into storage, as she looks for a new home because she's finally being heard on her concerns.

After months of seeking out help from multiple lawyers, she's settled in small claims court.

However, she says it didn't come easy and this is her advice for anyone looking to rent.

"It's so imperative to make sure that you are with a company that's going to do a walk through with you. Not something that you do on your own. That just gives them an opening to be able to get away with just about darn near anything they want to," said Grangnelli.

Grangnelli says she was able to win this case by taking pictures and documenting every step of the way.

The maximum amount for small claims in the state of Oregon is $9,000 and with thousands going towards attorney's fees Grangnelli is still having to budget herself very wisely.

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