Woman pleads guilty to pushing friend off a bridge in Southwest Washington

The moment Taylor Smith pushed Jordan Holgerson into the East Fork Lewis River.

The teen seen in a viral video pushing her friend off the Moulton Falls bridge last summer pleaded guilty on Monday (March 18).

Tay'lor Smith was facing a reckless endangerment charge after the incident last summer. Doctors say it could have been a fatal fall; the other girl, Jordan Holgerson, suffered broken ribs in the 50-foot fall.

In December, Smith waived her right to a speedy trial, giving prosecutors and her defense attorney a chance to talk about a plea agreement.

In February, her legal team told us they received an offer from the state and needed time to review it.

Her sentencing is set for March 27.

Holgerson and her mother, Genelle, said Smith may be sentenced to community service instead of jail time.

"I think the sentence they're proposing, we liked, because Jordan just wants Taylor to be a better person," Genelle Holgerson said. "That's what she had asked for, so some of those things will help too, and will help her better the community and herself, and will be a positive change for her hopefully."

Jordan Holgerson said she's been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since the incident.

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