Woman sues for false diagnoses leading to double mastectomy and hysterectomy

Elisha Cooke-Moore, 36, of Gold Beach has filed a lawsuit against medical professionals who misdiagnosed her. (Elisha Cooke-Moore)

The Curry Health Network and three of its medical practitioners are facing a $1.8 million lawsuit after a Gold Beach woman says she underwent cancer preventative surgeries under false diagnoses.

Elisha Cooke-Moore,36, a wife and mother of five, has been in tears for the last year because of false test results she says changed her appearance and her state of mind irreversibly.

In a 13-page lawsuit Cooke-Moore details her numerous doctors and hospital visits in which three medical practitioners, a nurse, Lori Johns, an OBGYN, William Fitts, and a surgeon, Jessica Carlson said she had tested positive for the MLH-1 gene and Lynch Syndrome multiple times.

Cooke-Moore says, they told her that this increased her risk for developing cancer from 50 to 80 percent.

Based on these results and their recommendations Cooke-Moore claims underwent a double mastectomy and a total hysterectomy.

After reviewing her medical records she learned that her results were in fact negative.

"I just can't do what I used to, I'm just not that person no more. They took who I was. I wish this on nobody, nobody," said Cooke-Moore.

A statement issued by the Curry Medical Center to News10's Kimberly Kolliner they state:

"We maintain patient confidentiality at all times and it is our policy to not comment on pending litigation."

The case is ongoing.

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