Yreka High School students plant various plants for a good cause

Yreka High School students planting trees and bushes to help with filtration into Yreka Creek. (MarissaOlid/KTVL).PNG

Students from Yreka High School traded in their text books on Friday for a different kind of learning experience.

Students from four different classes ranging from freshman to seniors rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty to help plant various different kinds of trees and bushes.

The purpose of Friday's outdoor activity was for the students to understand what's going on around them and work together.

Tom Hesseldenz, landscape architect said, "They're ingratiating water quality improvements, flood hazard reduction, urban wildlife habitat and recreational trails into the high school campus."

The students have been able to get hands on experience through their natural resource class that happens all throughout the year.

Through this class, students are taking part in the restoration project for the Yreka Creek.

Emily Borak, a volunteer said, "The plants that we are planting today will help clean the water to remove pollutants like oil and grease from the cars before it enters into Yreka Creek."

It is the second time an event like this took place.

Students from Evergreen Elementary are also involved in the restoration project.

Those who participated said it was a learning experience and are happy to be able to make a difference in their community.

Nate Carson, a 10th grade student said, "Our natural resource class and everyone that's been working here today has made a big impact on the pollutants that run into the stream."

At the end of the day they estimate "probably over 150 native plants will be planted to help provide wildlife habitat and absorb pollution off of pavements and roofs that collect pollution that pollutes Yreka Creek" said Jerry Mosier.

Saturday, March 16th, they are inviting the community to partake, help dig and plant trees and bushes. For those unable to attend, on Earth day another similar event will be taking place at Yreka Creek.

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