Father 'executed' his daughter over a 'petty argument' about a baby gate, prosecutor says

A 14-month-old boy is being comforted by a Renton Police officer after the boy's mother was killed in what police are calling a domestic violence incident. (KOMO Photo)

RENTON, Wash. (KOMO) - Wendell Wilson is facing murder charges over allegedly shooting his daughter dead June 10, with her 13-month-old son just feet away, in Renton, Washington.

According to court documents, Wilson shot his daughter six times, including twice in the head. She has since been identified as Lila Wilson.

Court documents say Wendell Wilson told officers they got into an argument about installing a baby gate.

"We got into an argument about putting a gate up in the kitchen to block the baby because he is mobile," Wilson told investigators.

Wilson said he told his daughter it was unfeasible to do a structural change, court documents say.

"Wendall Wilson executed his adult daughter over a petty argument about the installation of [a] baby gate," prosecutors said in court documents.

Wilson said his daughter had a tendency to "escalate" their arguments and said this particular argument got out of hand, according to court documents.

Wilson told investigators he thought she pushed him or hit him.

"I went and got my gun, and I shot her," he said next, according to court documents.

When an officer asked Wilson if he intended on killing his daughter, he said, "yes." But, he later said he didn't know for sure, and he could have gotten his gun out to just scare her.

Court documents say Wendell Wilson had called his ex-wife and said "I'm gonna kill Lila," and the line went dead. The ex-wife had to track down his number to call him back, and he said: "I shot her, I killed her." She urged him to call 911.

On the ensuing 911 call, Wendell Wilson told dispatchers, "I need social services for a baby because I just killed her moth...the baby's mother," according to court documents.

Wilson is being held on $2 million bond for a first-degree murder charge and is set to make his next court appearance June 27.

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