Ohio teen defies parents' wishes by getting vaccinated

Ethan Lindenberger says his parents chose not to have him vaccinated because they thought "vaccines are some kind of government scheme." (Video/Photo: CNN Newsource)

An Ohio teen is speaking out after going against his parents' wishes by getting vaccinated for the first time after he turned 18.

Ethan Lindenberger gained attention online after posting on Reddit that his parents think "vaccines are some kind of government scheme." He went on to call his parents "kind of stupid" for opposing vaccines.

Lindenberger said he sat down with his parents after turning 18 and had a civil conversation with them, letting them know about his decision. "It really wasn't like I kind of raised my fist in the air and said like, 'You idiots, I'm getting vaccinated.' I sat down with them and I said, you know, this is the evidence I have and I presented it as best I could and they didn't agree."

The teen said he felt it was important to be vaccinated, for his safety and the safety of others.

Right now the Centers for Disease Control report an outbreak of measles and mumps in the U.S.. The key to stopping the spread, experts say, is to get vaccinated.

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