Outrage as white supremacist scheduled to speak at Texas A&M

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Students, faculty, and staff plan to counter a speech event Tuesday night at Texas A&M, after it was announced a white supremacist would be speaking at the public university.

Aggie alum Preston Wiginton invited Richard Spencer - the president of the National Policy Institute, known as an alt-right group promoting white supremacy - to speak on campus.

Private citizens are able to reserve space at the university for events so long as they cover rental exmpenses.

Wiginton told CNN, "why would I want to see America become less white?"

"Why would I want to be displaced and marginalized?"

At a recent event held last month in Washington D.C., Spencer was filmed saying, "hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!"

People in the crowd were seen raising their arms in a Nazi-style salute.

Trump has disavowed any connection to white supremacists declaring his win a victory for their cause.

The university calls Tuesday's invitation an "unsanctioned campus event," stating Spencer's views "in direct conflict with our core values."

Student body president Hannah Wimberly said the school celebrates diversity, and she's sickened by the planned speech.

She said students will hold a protest using #AggiesUnited to take a stand against what they called "hatred."

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