Texas woman says she was attacked over floats during tubing trip

Elizabeth Rose was reportedly attacked by four women during a tubing trip. (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (KABB) — This is not how Elizabeth Rose wanted to spend her Sunday afternoon.

She was walking around the Lazy L & L Campground in New Braunfels, outside San Antonio, searching for clues and wondering why someone would attack her sister.

"She got hit and she was out. She doesn't remember anything after that," said Rose.

Elizabeth Rose was miles away in Houston when she heard the news that her sister Lindsey had just been attacked by four women at the campground.

She sustained injuries so severe, a plastic surgeon had to work hours just to stitch her back together.

"I wish I was here, I wish I could have saved her. It's devastating," said Rose.

The attack happened around what's called the Devil's Playground.

Lindsey said she and her husband just finished a tubing trip down the river and set their floats aside for a few moments.

That's when she noticed a group of four women and a man picking up their floats. When she went to ask the women what they were doing, the real trouble began.

Lindsay said she doesn't remember anything after that. Her husband said he does. He said he immediately ran to her aid, but by then it was too late.

Later, he called Elizabeth to tell her what happened.

"The next thing he told me was she has this big gash on her forehead," said Rose. "'It's horrible Liz, It's horrible.' And I'm just thinking, oh my God, what happened."

Her husband said the group of women attacked Lindsey, then took off.

Other than the scars, both physical and mental, Lindsey will be fine but her family wants answers.

"Yeah, we are angry, because she didn't deserve it. No one does," said Rose.

The campground did not want to comment on what happened.

KABB reached out to the Comal County Sheriff's Department for an update on the case and has not yet heard back.

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