New Fitness Group Focuses on Overall Health


MEDFORD, Ore.-- There's a new workout happening in town at the Den Gym and it's not the typical chiseled bodies one usually expects to see at Crossfit. The women in Camp 17 call themselves a tribe and they say they are made up of every woman.

"It's a six week, fitness journey" said Lu Crenshaw, the co-founder of Camp 17.

Crenshaw, along with her best friend Shantell Dayton came up with the idea for the program from their life experiences.

Crenshaw has been a personal trainer for 15 years and started the Den Gym before selling it several years ago. Dayton is a three-time Norris Cup Winner Fighting Champion. Between the two, they have an extensive background in fitness but believed there was more to maintaining a healthy body.

Crenshaw and Dayton have designed a program to start addressing the problems one brings into the gym. In the six week course, class room time is included to tackle issues that may be blocking the members from realizing their full potential in the mind and spirit.

Their Camping Package is $199 for twelve sessions and their Glamping Package is $249 for twelve sessions and includes a custom journal, bag gloves, and a t shirt.

To find out more or register find them on Facebook or visit their website at

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