Bride shares emotional dance with her terminally ill father

Bride shares emotional dance with her terminally ill father (Cindy McCrory/Blue Room Photography)

A father-daughter dance between an Alabama bride and her father is bringing the internet to tears after an emotional video was posted online.

The video from the wedding on Dec. 29, shows a powerful and raw moment between Mary Bourne Butts and her father on her big day. reports that the two had always planned they would dance to “I Hope You Dance,” Lee Ann Womack’s hit from 2000.

In May 2017, her father Jim was diagnosed with glioblastoma – an incurable form of brain cancer. In mid-December of 2018, her father began hospice care and was unsure if he would be alive for her wedding.

It's clear, the two were determined to have their dance no matter what.

The video posted by Blue Room Photography shows Jim accompanying Mary Bourne for their father-daughter dance, holding her hand from his wheelchair.

When their song began to play, Mary Bourne knew exactly what to do. She pushed him around the dance floor as he wiped away tears. She was strong for her father and every guest in attendance. She smiled and sang to him and danced the entire song.

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