Doctor delivers two babies, then goes into labor herself

A doctor who was delivering babies goes into labor herself, and baby Tucker was born. (Amanda Kinseth, WPDE)

Myrtle Beach, S.C. (WPDE) —You could say babies are her world. Dr. Jessica Brown brings them into the world all the time.

Tuesday, she delivered two babies and then had her own.

"They all were joking maybe you'll have your baby today too, and sure enough," said Dr. Brown.

Her baby boy was due next week, but he had other plans.

"While we were pushing it seems I was having more contractions than she was," the doctor told WPDE. "Every time I was looking at the monitor, I was waiting on her contractions and I kept feeling them."

Jessica went into labor while she was delivering her third patient's baby.

"I wanted to deliver my last patient, but I couldn't quite make it," said Jessica.

Her husband Brian chimed in: "When they finally told her she was in full-on labor, wasn't one of your first questions, 'Can I go check on my patients first?' and they were like 'No, you can't get out of bed!'"

Meanwhile, grandparents-to-be were anxiously awaiting the new arrival.

"The patient's family asked 'Who are you here with?'" said Jessica. "My mom said, 'Jessica Brown. She's in labor.' The patient's husband was out there with his family, and he said 'Jessica Brown!? She's our doctor!'"

In a room next door to her patients, Jessica's baby Tucker entered the world.

"It's just amazing," she said. "The next morning I walked with my baby down the maternity hall and I got to meet all of my other patients and their babies."

Now, Jessica will enjoy her maternity leave, until she heads back to the maternity ward.

Dr. Brown works at Magnolia OB/GYN.

She should be back delivering babies at Grand Strand Medical Center by February.

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