Family Helping Family; Boudreaux's Memorable Senior Day

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Southern Oregon University Senior Wide Receiver Matt Boudreaux hails from New Orleans, Louisana and had dealt with the hardships associated with Hurricane Katrina.

Now 2,500 miles away from home, Boudreaux is trying to finish out his senior season on the football field, look ahead towards a potential basketball season and earning his degree.

“I’m really grateful because at one point I was like ‘I can’t stand southern Oregon, I hate it so much,’” Matt Boudreaux said. "And then I just turned around and was like 'man southern Oregon is a great place, they really care about the team, they care about the players and everybody around here,' that’s why I loved it so much.”

Midway through his senior season, Matt would be in for quite a surprise.

“My coaches surprised me; my mother and my son are coming up for senior night," Boudreaux said. "My mom has only been to one senior night and that was my high school senior night cause she works a lot and when I found out she was coming I was like, that’s exciting.”

An anonymous group of SOU parents put together the funds to bring Boudreaux's mom, Angela, and his 2-year-old son, Mason from New Orleans to Ashland for Matt's senior day game.

“I had him (Mason) when I was in junior college and he’s never seen me play before," Boudreaux said. "This is going to be the first time he’s actually at a game with a raiders shirt on screaming 'dada' in the stands, that’s nice, I’m grateful for that.”

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