Pair of Brothers Helping to Lead Comets Charge

KTVL/Brian Schnee

This could be the year for Crater boys basketball.

The Comets are 19-1 (as of February 12, 2018) and have won nine straight games dating back to January 5.

It's rare to have a pair of family members on the same team but imagine two pairs of brothers helping to lead the Crater boys basketball team this season.

"It's very interesting dynamics having two sets of brothers on a basketball team," Crater Head Coach Chris Schmerbach said.

Senior Mason Vranes plays alongside his younger brother Jayden, a sophomore. Both control the guard positions, with Jayden running point.

Senior Kiefer Edwards is easily noticed given his 6'6" frame, however, his younger brother Kruger is nearly identical in height but is expected to see more minutes on the court in the future.

The Vranes' and Edwards' are quite different in public light.

Both Mason and Jayden note that they're emotional and they're not afraid to let it show.

"They come from two really great families that have strong values," Schmerbach said. "They're different in the fact that Mason and Jay have that civil sibling rivalry that happens."

However, the Edwards' are a quieter.

Regardless of the characteristics, both duos admit that they're better off with one-another on the floor.

Kruger is the final sibling of the Edwards bunch to move through the Central Point School District. The Vranes family has another one on the way, with more family roots to soon make its way through the ranks at Crater High School.

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