Changing The Narrative With SOU Football

Twitter: @RachelBaribeau

Rachel Baribeau made a unique stop in Ashland during her recent 'Changing the Narrative' tour along the West Coach.

Baribeau, a national sports radio personality, had recently visited Washington State University, speaking to their football program about her program that she put into motion in 2016.

'Changing the Narrative' challenges male student-athletes to live their lives of Purpose, Passion and Platform.

Baribeau says that the first speaking engagement with SOU is just the beginning. She hopes to come back to Ashland within the next year in efforts to put her program into motion one step further.

One male athlete will be nominated as the 'King' by their coaches and peers as the person who exemplifies the characteristics of 'Changing the Narrative'.

The nominated 'King' will be granted scholarship funds to start their own foundation and carry on the traits.

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