Destined for Gold in Japan

Team USA Masters Division.

Four members of the Team USA Masters Division Whitewater Rafting squad are heading to Japan to compete in the 2017 World Rafting Championships.

After earning a bronze medal in the 2016 World Championships held in Dubai, India, the team is excited to take on the world in a new setting and on a new course.

"Our goal is the beat all the youngsters as well," Pete Newport said after asking about the competition. "We want to make the Masters proud, beat all the open teams, beat all the young folks, to show them 'hey we're the masters of our craft' and we do it here in Southern Oregon."

News 10 will share more stories on the team as they prepare to compete in Japan beginning October 2nd.

To assist the team while attending the World Rafting Championships: CLICK HERE.

Here's the schedule of the 2017 World Rafting Championships: CLICK HERE.

Here's where the WATCH: CLICK HERE.

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