'Filling The Field' -- Part 2

Filling the Field Part 2.JPG

Many high schools have had to find creative ways to increase participation on the football field including Rogue River and Butte Falls.

Rogue River High School has struggled over the years to keep things consistent with their program.

“When people just see kids getting injured on the field and we’ve had a couple of leg breaks," Rogue River Athletic Director JJ Moses said. "I think that’s kind of traumatizing to people and they’ve been a little scared about wanting to come out."

The Chieftains have spent years both in and out of the 3A Southern Cascade League due to a lack of participation.

Now, Rogue River has found a groove by participating in 8-man football rather than 11-man, which has in-part help with their turnout and winning percentage.

Butte Falls Charter School is coming off of a 2016 fall season where they could not field an 8-man football team for the first time in 30 years.

The Loggers have been working on a co-op program with Crater Lake Charter Academy in order to keep athletics alive for Butte Falls.

“There’s an energy right now in athletics here and there’s an energy in the school," Butte Falls Athletic Director Paul Bell said.

The Loggers co-op had roughly 20 participants in their first fall season as a joint football team and had a winning record.

Moving forward, the Loggers co-op programs will be able to participate in winter and spring sports playoffs within the 2A classification.

Butte Falls/Crater Lake are joining the 2A Mountain View League.

Rogue River will also join the 2A classification.

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