Medford's Arnsberg Shares Memories of Roy Halladay

Brad Arnsberg & Roy Halladay at Fenway Park.

Roy Halladay's passing last week was heartbreaking for the baseball community.

Who knew that southern Oregon had direct ties to Halladay's successful MLB career?

Brad Arnsberg, a Medford High School graduate, went on to pitch in the major leagues and would later become Roy Halladay's pitching coach with the Toronto Blue Jays.

"He (Halladay) was everything you saw on the field," Arnsberg said. "No-hitters, perfect games, playoffs or whatever, he was such a great person off the field."

Arnsberg worked with Halladay for 5 years in Toronto. Soon after their time working together, the Arnsberg's and Halladay's became great family friends.

Halladay played 12 years with the Blue Jays and four more with the Phillies. He was an eight-time All-Star and is one of only six pitchers to win the Cy Young award in both leagues.

"He was a giver, always giving and so was his family and his wife," Arnsberg said. "They had 'Docs Box', they'd always invite my wife and family up for games."

He was killed on November 7 when a plane he was piloting, crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. He was 40 years old.

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