North Medford Girls Basketball: Hearing the Family Voice

Tim and Rylee Karrick. (Karrick Family)

Tim Karrick is back in the coaching groove at North Medford.

Karrick's daughter Rylee is a senior on the Black Tornado girls basketball team, with a group of girls that have been playing together since they were kids.

“It’s not like I get to watch her (Rylee) play a game," Tim Karrick said. "Because during the game I’m not just watching her.”

As Head Coach, Tim Karrick has plenty of duties other than watching his daughter play, however he defines coaching one of his own as a challenging task.

Tim and Rylee have created a pact where they wouldn't talk about basketball at home, in the car or anywhere else other than the gymnasium.

So far, Rylee has held up her end of the deal.

“If he does break the agreement, I'll be like 'you’re talking about basketball, you’re talking about basketball, you’re not allowed to talk about basketball, stop it!,'” Rylee joked.

While having your father as a coach might be viewed as a challenge, Rylee has much more on her plate.

“The other girls have been really good about talking to her (Rylee) and making eye contact and that’s probably the best way of communicating; she’s good at reading your lips,” Tim Karrick said.

Rylee was born 'hard of hearing' and wears hearing aids.

“If there’s just a constant screaming in the crowd, I feel like it’s easier for me because I can just tune that sound out,” Rylee said.

She's used to hearing her father's voice as both a coach and a parent, so it's easier to pick out in a loud gymnasium.

“It’s something that she’s had to deal with and it makes her a little more special that way,” Tim said proudly of Rylee.

After graduation, Rylee (4.0 GPA) will attend Oregon State University and intends to study Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

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