'Quest for Gold' with Local Team USA

Team USA with southern Oregon roots at the 2016 World Rafting Championships in Dubai, India. (Courtesy: Pete Newport)

When you think Team USA, your mind might immediately jump to men's or women's national soccer teams competing in the World Cup.

However, why not consider rooting every year for a local Team USA?

US Whitewater Rafting Masters team is compiled of members from across the nation, but the team is spearheaded out of southern Oregon.

On Tuesday night, the team held a fundraising and awareness event at Common Block Brewing in Medford.

In late September, the team will head to Japan for the 2017 World Rafting Championships.

In the 2016 Championships, the team picked up Bronze and Silver in specific events; this time, gold is on the mind for the Masters team.

Stay tuned to News10 for an in-depth look at the team before they take on the world's best in October.

To help support the team: CLICK HERE.

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