NASCAR's 'Guitar Man' hits all the right notes at Daytona 500

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A NASCAR superfan has made a name for himself crafting unique guitars from scratch honoring his favorite drivers.

Jeffery Lee Jones is a true NASCAR fan. He’s been to so many Daytona 500 races that he’s lost count. Five years ago, Jones turned his carpentry skills into what’s now music to NASCAR’s ears.

Now, Jones is known as NASCAR’s guitar man.

“I don’t play guitar,” Jones said. “I just build them.”

In a few short years, the West Palm Beach carpenter’s one of a kind creations have hit the right chord with some of the biggest names in racing.

“Rick Hendrick bought the first guitar I ever sold,” Jones recalled. “It was at Jeff Gordon’s last race. I waited there with the ‘24’ guitar and he pulled up to me and rolled down his windows and pulled up to me and said, ‘how much for the guitar?’ I said, ‘$7,000, buts this one’s not for sale.’ He looked at all the guitars and everything. He really liked one so I said, ‘here Mr. H you can have it. Sorry I said no to you.’ No one says no to Mr. H. He said, ‘no, no I’m paying for it.’”

Jones has crafted 45 guitars. Each rig takes between 40 to 50 hours to perfect. The guitars are even fully functional.

“They sound great,” Jones said. “I have this guy play it, bring it down over there and plug it in and play it.”

Jones’ musical masterpieces start at $1,000, but he’d sell for the “right price.”

“You hook me up with two hot passes, and I build ‘em and give ‘em to the crew members.”

What started out as a hobby to meet his favorite drivers has turned into so much more.

“When my daughter died, I wasn’t going to come to NASCAR that year. I had tickets and everything and I wasn’t going to go, but she probably wanted me to go, so I did” Jones said. “This really keeps me going on. Coming to the track and building these.”

Guitars have been known to save the musician, in this case it’s also the craftsman, whose skill vibrates throughout the racing community.

Jones has been a fan of Hall of Fame driver Jeff Gordon since he was a rookie. One of Jones’ ‘24’ guitars is even hanging in Gordon’s ‘24’ shop.

Some other drivers that have a Jeffrey Lee Jones original are Chase Elliott, William Byron and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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