KTVL News10 offers Closed Captioning

KTVL is proud to be the first and only TV station in our southern Oregon/Northern California market to offer our local newscasts with real-time Closed Captioning!

In real-time captioning, a live person listens to the newscast as it airs and transcribes everything that is being said, word-for-word. This isn’t apparent during scripted segments of the newscast, but during unscripted exchanges, live reports, interviews, and weather casts, it makes an enormous difference for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience the entire newscast.

The following KTVL News10 newscasts feature real-time Closed Captioning:

News10 Good Morning at 6 a.m.

News10 at Noon.

News10 at 5

News10 at 6

News10 at 11 p.m.

All News10 Special Editions

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