2015 Weather


It's hard to talk about the weather over the past year without focusing on how hot it was!

This helped to extend the goring year, or the time period where temperatures stay above freezing to the 5th longest for the Medford Area. 2015 brought a stretch of 218 days between the last spring freeze and the first fall night to hit 32 degrees. This is still well behind last year's all time record of 241 days.

2015 has been securing its spot in the record books as the 2nd hottest year recorded in the Medford area. The average temperature (both daily highs and lows) for the year was around 59 degrees. This puts us just behind last year's record of 59.2 degrees, and pushes well past the 1992 average temperature of 57.8.

The past 3 years, the summer months have been setting new levels of record heat. The average temperature for the months of June, July and August came to 76.4 degrees. This is a degree and a half warmer than last summer and almost 2.5 degrees warmer than 2013.

The summer of 2015 was not only the hottest summer on record for the Medford area, but this year the Medford area recorded 21 days over 100 degrees. Including a new all-time record high temperature on June 31 of 109 degrees.

Despite all the heat we saw this year, we have been making up for it with plenty of snow to start the winter. The month of December has been setting record snowfall totals in places like Crater Lake where the snowiest December to date was set in 1948 when they picked up 196 inches. However, this year we've been able to set a new record of 196.7 inches.

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