3 Major Hurricanes in the Pacific

Liz McGiffin

This weekend was the first time in recorded history, three major tropical systems in the Pacific reached category 4 hurricane strength at the same time.

One reason getting credit for this the rare citing is El Nio. El Nio is a case in which we have warmer sea surface temperatures and lighter wind shear. Both of these are key ingredients for hurricane growth and development.

Some of these systems have lost strength, but have continued to spiral around the Central and Eastern Pacific today.

Hurricane Kilo is continuing to push well west of Hawaii, and is not anticipated to be a problem for them.

The furthest east of the three is Hurricane Jimena. Hurricane Jimena has remained the most impressive of the three (based on strength and overall "textbook hurricane" appearance). Even earlier today maintained a very well defined eye and eye wall, and has shown the greatest potential for reaching category 5 statues, which is the highest ranking for tropical hurricanes. Even though Jimena's strength is impressive, it is not expected to affect land.

The hurricane that could pose the biggest threat to land is Ignacio. While this system continues to weaken and is not expected to make a direct hit overland, the northern coast of Hawaii is expected, to see some rough seas.
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