Last Freeze

Liz McGiffin

It was a chilly start to the morning, and even colder temperatures are on the way tonight. Lows could be cold enough to bring along the potential for frost to the valleys and east of the mountains.

Even though these temperatures are going to be much colder than what we've see the past few days, it's not uncommon to wrap up the month of March with some frosty conditions.
Along the coast, frost is much less likely through the year, and we usually see the last day where temperatures fall to 32 degrees or below on February 27. Across the valleys, the chance for frost typically lasts through the much of the spring months. The average last day where lows hit 32 degrees or below in Medford is the end of April, and continues into May for Northern California. The latest date for freezing temperatures in the area is east of the mountains. On average, we don't see our last day in the lower 30s until the June!

Even though it's been a while since we've seen frosty mornings across the orchards, there's still time for a few more spring freezes.
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