Record Heat to Start 2015

Liz McGiffin

Over the past year, we haven't been able to escape the drought in California. It's been several years in the making, and warmer temperatures haven't been helping the chances of much needed snow pack.

The year 2014 was categorized as "much above average" across the west. For several states, 2014 made the list for top 10 hottest years on record since 1895. California, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska all wrapped up the year with the hottest average temperature since record keeping began.

The warm weather is a trend that has already continued in our area during the first full week of 2015. This week, instead of seeing high temperatures in the 40s, like we typically would this time of the year, we've seen upper 50s and record breaking highs in the 60s in Mount Shasta City. On January 6, we beat tje 1984 record high of 64 degrees and just fell shy of 70. 61 degrees on January 7 also set a new record, beating the 1983 record by just 1 degree.

We've seen a similar trend in Klamath Falls. Even with a cold first day of 2015, high temperatures reached record breaking mid 50s, more than 15 degrees above normal. 55 degrees on January 7 barley slid past the precious record of 54 set in 2002. On January 8, Klamath Falls beat the 1953 record high by just 1 degree as well as we climbed to 51 degrees.

Even though our winter so far has matched the forecasted warmer temperatures, remember, it's still just January and there's bound to be some cold temperatures in the mix, so don't put your winter gear away just yet.
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