This winter brings change of pace

Photo of In-N-Out in Medford on January 2, 2016 by Val Wilkins

MEDFORD-- This winter has been quite the change of pace with snowfall, especially compared to last year.

Mount Ashland brought in 2015 with temperatures in the 40s and inversions bringing sunshine which only made it harder to retain snow-pack. There was enough snow to open for a few days, but overall, the ski area wrapped up their 38 day season with only 87 inches of snow.

Even through the wind, ice and abundant snowfall prevented the ski area from opening a couple of days this season, skiers were ready to pack the parking lot and experience plenty of fresh powder on the mountain. So far the mountain has seen over 200 inches of snow.

Crater Lake went through a similar struggle last year. As they wrapped up the month of January 2015, snow-pack was only at 23% of normal. This was still enough that visitors could go on snow shoe hikes, but inversions kept snow-pack light and meant that in January we were seeing 50s.

This winter though looked very different. December 2015 was the snowiest December on record, picking up 196.7 inches of snow, and beat the 1948 record of 196 inches. Even though the winter weather has caused road closures several days, the most recent check of snow-pack shows that at Annie Springs is at 132% of its normal snow-pack.

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