Triple Digits Are Back

Liz McGiffin

Sunday brought in the first triple digit day of the year for the Medford area. If this seemed a little early to you, it's because the average date we hit 100 degrees or higher for the first time is July 5, and the months we're most likely to hit triple digits don't roll around until July and August.

Even though we were about a month earlier than usual, this June 7 is far from the earliest day that Medford has hit 100 degrees or higher. The record for earliest date to hit the triple digit mark in Medford was May 6, 1987 when we climbed to 101 degrees.

Since record keeping began, Medford has hit 100 degrees or higher at some point during the year, with the exception of 1947, 1954, 1957, 1989 and 2011. In years where we have climbed to the triple digit mark, it has taken as late as September 8 to see the first day at or above 100 degrees. September 8,1963, Medford hit 102 degrees and set a record for latest date to hit the triple digit mark for the first time.

As we know all too well, once the triple digit heat starts, the hot temperates keep going. We usually see the last day of 100 degrees or higher on August 24. The latest date triple digits have made an appearance in the Rogue Valley is the end of September. September 27, 2003 Medford topped off at 102 degrees.

Even though the triple digits may not be sticking around all week, we're only getting closer to the peak of when we typically see the hottest temperatures of the season.
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