Warmest Winter

Liz McGiffin

Even though we've seen some chilly mornings lately, there's no denying it's been warm, and even feeling more spring like than winter.

Meteorological seasons are divided up by moth. The months of December, January and February make up winter.

December 2014 was a big one for the record books. The Medford area set a new record for hottest average temperature (average temperature meaning the the mean of both the highs and lows for the day). The average between the highs and lows for each day came to 45.7 degrees, shattering the previous 1950 record of 43.8 degrees. December had an average high temperature of 52.9 degrees, which is the warmest on record. We also saw second highest average low temperature on record, 38.4 degrees, which fell shy of the 1995 record of 39 degrees.

January 2015 wasn't as much of a stand out with record warmth, but still reached the 9th warmest January on record. January brought an average temperature of 42.1 degrees to the Rogue Valley. The average maximum of 50.9 degrees is the 6th warmest set of high temperatures we've seen, and out average minimum of 33.4 degrees places 22nd in line for warmest minimum temperatures.

Even though there is still another week and a half before we can see where the month of February 2015 will officially stack up, we're currently sitting at record breaking warmth. The average temperature for the month so far is 49.2 degrees. The average temperature to beat was set in 1993 when 48.3 degrees set the record. So far the month of February has had the 6th highest average high temperature, with a mean high temperature of 59.4 degrees. The warmest average high temperature for the month of February was set in 1992 at 61.1 degrees. Right now, our average low temperature of 39.1. is the second warmest on record for the month. We saw the warmest average low temperatures in the Medford area for February in 1958 when the average was 39.6 degrees.

As a whole, it's been one very warm winter. As things stand now, the 2014-2015 winter season has seen the hottest average temperature on record. But remember, the month of February isn't over yet, and a few cooler days on the way could be what keeps us from beating the 1994-1995 record of the warmest winter in the Medford area.

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